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The thought of moving to senior living can be daunting, we understand that. Just know, the staff at The Plaza at Wildwood are both talented and dedicated. They are here to provide the support you require to return to a lifestyle you want and expect. Individualized care plans are designed to help you identify and reach your wellness goals. Helping you restore your independence and love of life is why we’re here, regardless the level of care you require. 

Personalized Care

To create the most comprehensive and unique strategy that best meet the resident’s needs, personalized care plans are developed with input from the resident, family members, and the Director of Wellness. The path to greater independence looks different for everyone.

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Restaurant Dining

With 50+ always available menu options, and daily specials, you’ll have plenty of choices at our restaurant. It’s open 7:00 am to 7:00 pm, serving breakfast all day. Residents decide not only what they want to eat, but when they want to eat. Guests are encouraged to join residents anytime!

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Having goals and working toward them are important. Being more independent and healthier are both great and reachable goals and our team at The Plaza is excited to work with residents in creating paths to help residents reach their objectives.

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Floor plan options

The Plaza at Wildwood knows you value your own space and privacy. Our apartments were crafted with seniors in mind, with easy navigation and comfort in mind. Enjoy your own apartment with the design you choose and then explore the community’s fine amenities and exciting events as you see fit!

Personalized Service

At The Plaza at Wildwood, we understand that everyone’s journey to independence is unique. Your care plan will be carefully crafted in collaboration between the resident, Director of Wellness, and family to optimize the benefits and see the best results. Your plan will not be the same as your neighbor’s, nor should it be. Your journey is your own and we’re here to help.

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